Saturday, February 28, 2009

February Update

As you can see, my weekly update didn't last long... but I'll try to recap what's been going on in our lives these past two weeks or so. We have finally gotten some rain, that was desperately needed, here in California. We still are not up to 'normal' but every storm helps; so we're hoping for more and are supposed to get some in the next couple of days. This wet weather really puts the kebosh on Grandpa's Tuesday golf days... so he'll just have to make up for it when the weather clears again.

The exciting news is (drum roll) that after wanting to get a new lighting system for my living room - those who remember how dark that room is know what I'm talking about - we finally got some new lighting installed. Our local professional handyman, Petey Brown, was able to take a couple of days to come and install nine (9) can lights for us; three in the laundry room and six in the living room, plus a tube skylight in there... which I love! He also fixed our 'dripping' bathroom faucets and hung two hallway lights. He has us on his list to come back and replace a length of old original galvanized water pipe underneath our house that goes up into our shower. This section of pipe sprang a leak a few weeks ago and he was able to put a plumbers "band aid" on it for a temporary fix, so it will need to be replaced. A couple of years ago he re- plumbed all the old galvanized water pipes with copper; but because that section went up into our shower wall, he left it for a later day... which has now arrived. Our house if about 55+ years old, so I guess it deserves to have some refurbishing done to it!

Last Sunday Jeff and Diane flew in for a three day visit, and it was great! We had lots of time to visit - even played Skip-Bo at night with the guys joining in! While they were here, we went to Costco and purchased a new 36" flat screen T.V. to replace the 10 year old one we had... although it still worked if we "boxed its ears" on both sides to get the picture up and visible, so we decided we'd better get one when someone was here to help set it up for us... the same with Dad's new computer monitor. We 'oldsters' need a boost up when it comes to these new fangled high tech gadgets that abound in this modern world of ours!


Mom said...

I'm so glad you were able to get some light in the livingroom, don't you just LOVE your tube light?! We have 4 of them in our house and they are the best for letting in lots of natural light without looking "obviously there" (like a large sky-light does)!!! You'll have to post some pictures of your new light configurations as well as of your new TV...all us HGTV addicts enjoy seeing things like that! :-D

I'm really enjoying all your posts and pictures.


juliemarie1956 said...

Hey Mom it sounds like you've been keeping Petey busy! I'll be excited to see the changes next time I come. We are still waiting on our next two babies to make their appearances...Lisa did everything she could to try and get their little boy here in February, but apparently he's going to be another March birthday along with his little girl cousin Curtis and Trinity are waiting on (Trinity is actually due tomorrow!!!) Much love - Julie

Renee said...

Thanks for the update. We are glad that you were able to come for a visit while Jeff and Diane were here. I must mention though, that I was appalled to go into use my downstairs bathroom after you left, only to notice that there was sawdust (from all of Greg's tearing apart of the bathroom) all over the toilet and around and under the toilet seat. Obviously I had not used that bathroom for a few days and did not realize that Greg had not cleaned up the mess. So sorry that we were letting you use it under those conditions!!!

Hopefully we can come down in the next couple of weeks and see all of your new upgrades.

Enjoy the rain! It was pouring up here all night long. I hope we have many more days and nights of this rain!

love, Renee