Wednesday, June 3, 2009

May Update...

May has come and gone before I had a chance to do anything noteworthy other than stay healthy ... which in itself, at my age, is noteworthy! Doug is starting to feel better, he even went 18 holes on the golf course yesterday; although he did admit that he got caught in a sand trap the other day and got so frustrated at trying to get out that he just picked the ball up and tossed it onto the green!! All you golfers out there can relate to that, I'm sure.

We had two new babies born this month, our 31st & 32nd great grandchildren. Tana Marie Bailey, born to Diana and Joe on May 15th; and Kaylee Grace Dyer, born to Devin and Carolynn on the 28th. We hear that we'll have two more "greats" born in November. Jared and Julie Bates are expecting, as well as Jonathan and Candace Evans... so numbers 33 & 34 are on the way. WOW... it won't be too long until the great-grandchildren numbers catch up with our thirty-nine grandchildren number!

Justin is doing well on his mission in the Dominican Republic and Stephen Bruce will enter the MTC on June 17th to serve in the Utah Ogden Mission. I told my brother, Bob, who lives in North Ogden, to keep an eye out for an Elder Evans in his area... as he will soon be serving there.

We are looking forward to driving to Salt Lake - with Julie's help - to attend Matthew and Mykel's wedding on the 19th of June. They will be married in the Salt Lake Temple on that day. We also hope to visit my brothers' and Doug's sister who live in the area. We'll stay a few day at Steve and Kathy's home before heading back to Spring Creek and the drive home - with Julie's help, again. It's so nice that she is able to fly out and back to San Francisco, without too much cost... one of the "perks" of having a son who works for an airline.

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Tabb and Michelle said...

Your blog is wonderful as is your family!!! I love to read the growth of your posterity....I imagine that the reunions are incredible. Tabb and I are finally starting on the road to becoming grandparents. Sometime in March. Even though I work as a nurse with babies...I never tire of seeing these little ones start their journey.

All my best to you and Bro. Carr.