Friday, August 28, 2009

Where Did the Summer Go?

I can't believe it's almost September again .... my mind is still back in March; (but then my mind tells me I'm still only 35 years old) so much for believing my mind!

We've had a busy summer for a couple of 'old' folks, plus David. We've been to Utah two times - once in June and again in August - to attend two grandchildren's weddings. We wished we could have attended Jennifer and Jason's wedding, in the St. Louis Temple on April 24th, but was unable to do so... although we did get to visit with them when we were in Provo for Matt and Mykel's wedding on June 19th, which took place in the Salt Lake Temple; also had a chance to visit with Jay and Aubrey, which was nice. As Stephen Bruce was entering the Provo MTC about the same time, we were able to see him as well as Debbie and Bruce. We stayed in Provo a couple of nights with my brother Lee and his wife Joyce; and were also able to visit for a few hours my brother Max and his wife Karla, who live in Springville. We stayed with the Stansbury Park Carr's, Steve/Kathy and family, for a couple of days after the wedding and returned home after a wonderful trip. Julie flew out to San Francisco - she flies relatively free as Curtis still works for the airlines - and then helped drive us back to Elko/Spring Creek - from which we then drove ourselves to Salt Lake for the wedding; reversing the process when we were ready to return home.

This past week we again drove to Salt Lake, hitching a ride with Renee and Stacy, who was returning to BYU for her Sophomore year. We rode in their 12 passenger van, with Stacy's "stuff" taking up the back quarter of the van... and it worked out just fine. We all stayed at the Holiday Inn Express, near the airport, and really had nice accommodations... an almost straight shot onto North Temple! We were there to witness Cyndi and Scott's sealing in the Salt Lake Temple on August 21st; and on our return trip to California, we were able to spend a couple of days with the Smith family in Spring Creek, Nevada. Jenny/Greg and children were there for the wedding, as well as Curtis/Trinity and girls... in Spring Creek we visited with Diana/Joe and girls as well as Adam ... we had lots of fun visiting with them all.

On the 9th of August we had another grandson get married; but this time we only had to travel to Berkeley, California - about 25 miles north of Fremont. Daniel and Lena were married in the Berkeley City Club, a lovely old building near UC Berkeley where they first met. The ceremony was performed by a Jewish Rabbi, whom both Danny and Lena know, and who traveled all the way from Santa Rosa to perform their wedding ceremony. We had the opportunity to meet many of Lena's family from southern California and round about. It was very nice to become acquainted with them, especially Lena's 92 year old grandmother... what a sweet and special lady she is. We met many of her aunts, uncles, and cousins, as well as her father (Lena's mother passed away a couple of years ago) - it was good to meet them and see what a close and loving family they are.

We're back at home now and ready to get back on some sort of a routine. We got David's school information packet yesterday and it has quite a few changes in it because of the California State Budget problems. I think most states have lots of problems with their budgets due to the economic down-turn this past year; but without getting too political, over the past number of years, our California legislatures have done a miserable job of balancing our state budget and now the "fat is in the fire", so to speak. Therefore, all state entities have had to be cut... as well as Special Education, and we are now seeing it this fall. David's classes start Sept 14th (a week later), M-Th (no Friday classes), Thanksgiving - all week off, Christmas vacation starting Dec. 14th (three weeks off), Easter break is one week (normal); plus he has to pay $100 for the first semester (more $$ requests may follow); but I guess it could be a lot worse! The NUMMI Plant in Fremont is closing it's doors in March (a joint venture with GM/Toyota) Since GM went bankrupt, Toyota has chosen not to go it alone; so about 1200 workers are losing their jobs in a couple of months. So... our California economy has a long way to go before it gets on the upswing again; hopefully, not too many more months of the downswing to go!

We are still healthy and going - as much as two 75-plus year olds can be. Grandpa/Dad has days when he is not feeling his best; but my theory is, "as long as I can get out of bed each morning, all is well..." !


Kathy said...
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Kathy said...

Wow! What an eventful summer! We are so glad that y'all were able to come visit us! We love you all very much and look forward to our next visit!

juliemarie1956 said...

You guys really have been busy. I didn't stop to think about all the miles you've traveled until I saw it written out. You also went up to Berkeley (I believe) to Daniel's wedding. It seems that your grandchildren are dropping out of the 'singles scene' at a fairly rapid pace...which will probably keep up for quite a few more years! Counting 'in-laws' how many grandchildren do you have now? I believe it's 59...Come on 60! Much love - Julie