Thursday, April 23, 2009

March & April have gone so fast...

I can't believe how quickly time flies by! It is now the 23rd day of April... and also the wedding day of Jennifer and Jason Kohl in the St Louis Missouri Temple. Matthew LeCheminant is graduating from BYU Provo today, too... what an eventful day for our family!

The first week in April the Salt Lake Carrs', Steve, Kathy and family, came to California for a visit to try and get out of the winter snows; but alas, only to find rain... but there was one beautiful sunny day that they were able to do the 'tourist' thing in San Francisco and had a great time doing so. We were able to get some good visiting in as well as shopping and some home projects completed. We went to a local nursery and bought some flowers to plant, after Steve had rototilled the ground the day before, and we were able to get them planted, even in the rain.... they are growing well and looking great!

We got the news that Stephen Bruce has received his mission call to the Utah Ogden Mission and will report to the Provo MTC in mid June... and that Nathaniel will graduate from Virginia Tech Medical School in mid May, from whence Nate, Becky and family will move to Ohio where Nate will be doing his medical residency for the next four years. I just looked at their Blog and saw the house they hope to be able to buy there, and it is gorgeous... to say the least!

Grandpa, David and I are doing pretty good; although Grandpa is still having some health concerns; aka, breathing problems due to fluid build up in one of his lungs. He cannot sleep too well when he is lying down, therefore he is awake most of the night and catches up by sleeping when and where he can all day long. He is in contact with his doctor, who has him upping his Lasix dosage to see if that will help get rid of the fluid before his appointment next week. Someone once said that "getting old is not for wimps", what a truisum that is!! But, we can't complain too much... there are many of our friends who have much worse health problems than we do, so we count our blessings.

I was released from my Primary 1st Counsellor calling a few weeks ago and am now a Ward Missionary as well as a Family History Consultant; and at the end of May, my stint as being DUP Company President will also end. I have really enjoyed both my Primary and DUP callings, but it is time for someone else to have those experiences... and the sometimes challanges! As Dad/Grandpa is the Ward Mission Leader, and now that I am a Ward Missionary, we have a lot of contact with the missionary Elders in our Ward, as well as once a month at the Missionary Corolation Meeting we also get to rub shoulders with all the young missionaries serving in our Stake... kinda brings back memories of our own mission in Virginia.


Anonymous said...

I love your post!

That's wonderful that you and Dad get to be involved with missionary work again! Gee, it sounds like between Family History and Missionary work you are single-handedly taking care of two of the "missions of the Church" in "redeeming the dead" and "preaching the gospel"!

Just for clarification...Stephen reports to the MTC in the middle of JUNE, Nathaniel graduates at the end of MAY, and then he and his family will be moving to OHIO for his residency.(That's okay, though. Considering all the grandchildren you have to keep track of you are doing remarkably well!):-D Bruce and I are looking forward to seeing you and Dad at Matthew's wedding!


The Bates said...

Thanks for the update Mom. Time just seems to fly by, everyone is growing up and getting married or going on missions or medical school. Wow! Our family has been so blessed!

Love - Diane

Renee said...

I always enjoy hearing how everyone is doing.

Matthew's graduation was wonderful...and we got to do some wedding prep stuff too in addition to the two graduation ceremonies. It was all good and FUN!

love, Renee

The Bates said...

I noticed that you don't have our blogg on your contact list. I'd love to have you add us, that way the rest of the family can find us as well. Our address is:

It sounds like Dad is feeling a little better. Hopefully he'll get enough energy from food to get a little exercise. One step at a time though.

Love you Mom!

Love - Diane